phytic acid to fight cancer

Phytic Acid for Fighting Cancer

Solutions To Our Health Care Debacle Can be Found In Nature.

IP6 and protease inhibitors.  Did nature make a mistake?  Whole grains and legumes contain a substance called phytic acid, which binds up minerals, especially iron, and escorts them out of the system.  Phytic acid is a seed’s way of storing phosphorus, like a school lunch bucket. It is one of the many ingredients that may help fight against all stages of cancer.

For decades in the later 20th century, nutritionists thought that phytic acid must have been some mistake or “anti-nutrient” in whole grains and legumes, hence providing even more enthusiasm for processing grains down to white flour.  There are some well intentioned authors in the health care field who say that lectins are the main problem for health in Americans.  And yet, lectins are found in the healthiest of plants foods, especially beans.

Helps fight all stages of cancer

In fact, we now find that phytic acid from whole grains is one of the key ingredients in plant food lowering the risk

 for various cancers including breast cancer and thyroid cancer, kidney stones, heart disease, and liver disease.  Best sources of phytic acid include beans, brown rice, sesame seeds, and corn. 

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Phytic acid is now sold as a nutrition supplement: IP6, inositol hexaphosphate 6.  In a similar vein, protease inhibitors are substances in legumes, especially soybeans, which can inhibit enzymes that break down protein in the gut.  Again, nutritionists thought of protease inhibitors as “anti-nutrients”.  Raw legumes are unhealthy.  Beans must be sprouted or cooked to be a nourishing food.

This Ingredient Helps Fight all Stages of Cancer

Part of your anti cancer diet

IP6, or phytic acid, is a promising anti-cancer component of a whole food diet.  However, there is now compelling evidence that these protease inhibitors actually are very therapeutic in fighting all stages of cancer  growth, and even allowing humans to better tolerate radiation without serious side effects. 

Protease inhibitor drugs are now the fashionable trend in the pharmaceutical industry in slowing down the growth of viruses, including AIDS.  Nature knows what it is doing.  Do not bet against the wisdom of whole foods.

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“Experts agree that our health care system is riddled with inefficiencies, excessive administrative expenses, inflated prices, poor management, and inappropriate care, waste and fraud.”

National Coalition on Health Care, 2009

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