Beating Cancer With Nutrition

Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS

Major Updates with New Research
Over 500,000 Copies Sold

Beating Cancer with Nutrition

Beating Cancer with Nutrition

A cancer fighting nutrition book for breast cancer patients.

Learn how to starve the cancer and slow cancer growth.

Easy to find and healthy foods for the breast cancer patient.

Effective and non-toxic approaches to medically reduce cancer burden.

♦ Major Revision ♦ Latest Nutrition Research
♦ 5th Edition ♦ 1st Update in 15 years
♦ Multi-Year Best Seller

Foods to Fight Breast Cancer


“Nutrition is an essential component of comprehensive cancer treatment. This book provides a cornerstone for doctors and patients to maximize outcome in cancer recovery. “
Leigh Erin Connealy, MD, author of The Cancer Revolution

Best Foods to Fight Breast Cancer

Learn what cancer fighting foods and vitamins are best for the breast cancer patient.

Incorporate these cancer fighting foods in every breast cancer meal.

Whole foods are irreplaceable in your quest for healing from breast cancer.

Discover the best anti-cancer foods for beating breast cancer.

Use these fruits, vegetables, cancer fighting herbs and spices in addition to anti-cancer supplements as “biological response modifiers” to up-regulate the body’s built-in mechanism for eliminating cancer cells, such as apoptosis (programmed cell death). 

Minor dietary constituents, conditionally essential nutrients, phytochemicals, enzymes, pH stabilizing factors, substances that are required for a healthy colony of bacteria in the gut, and much more.

Reverse or avoid the common malnutrition that kills 42% of cancer patients Help stimulate the immune system, which is in charge of killing all unwanted cells in the body, such as cancer


Anti Cancer Diet

Comprehensive information on inexpensive breast cancer fighting foods

Anti-cancer fighting foods are widely available, in the city or country, warm or cold climate

The breast cancer diet includes extraordinary healing agents, with both scientific documentation and centuries of folk medicine to support their use

These breast cancer fighting foods are very versatile and can help a wide assortment of seemingly unrelated problems

Foods that help fight cancer are very safe, especially when compared to the risk: benefit ratio to prescription drugs.

Recipes to Fight Breast Cancer

Cancer Fighting Fruits & Vegetables


Nutrition for Breast Cancer Book Includes


A clever “executive summary” in the beginning for those who want the main bullet points without reading the whole book. An overview of Beating Cancer with Nutrition book.



Color images make the book more readable.
The book is in larger font for readers with compromised vision. Numerous patient profiles provide inspiration and insight.



Cancer fighting recipes included in this book. One-week recipe section with top cancer fighting foods – all tasty and convenient. Easy to prepare, easy to cook. Healthy desserts included!

Patrick Quillin

Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS

Best Selling Author (18 books), Keynote Speaker, Clinical Nutritionist, Creator of ImmunoPower


A well-nourished cancer patent can better manage and beat the disease. While nutrition is not sole therapy against cancer, nutrition therapy is an essential component of comprehensive cancer treatment. Dr. Quillin has worked with 1000’s patients in a hospital setting and understands what it takes to design a premium nutritional product that helps heal the body from within.

Patient & Reader Testimonials

Beating Cancer with Nutrition

Dozens of outstanding testimonials! 
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“If someone in your life has cancer, this book is a must!” Bobbi

“I would like to first of all explain I am not a doctor, nurse or nutritionist. The only letters associated with my name are Mrs. I’ve been married to a wonderful man for the past 32 years and he was diagnosed with cancer five months ago. Not just in the colon, as we were originally told, but surgery found it in his liver, spleen, stomach, upper and lower intestines. The surgeon told us that there was too much cancer and he didn’t want to start cutting him up. I was not going to sit back and just let him be taken by cancer. I purchased Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin, PHD, RD, CNS after reading a pamphlet, written by him, that I picked up at the local supermarket. I immediately started my husband on supplements that were recommended for the various symptoms he had. Our oncologist told us the liver is the best measure of the amount of cancer and that the tumors in the liver shrink in direct proportion to the amount of cancer in the rest of the body.”

“I have read this book from cover to cover and have seen what putting Dr Quillin’s advice to good use, and if you, anyone you love, care about or know are faced with cancer, you owe it to yourself and to them to read this book, put his words to the test. It’s not hard to understand. I have only a high school diploma and a strong desire to bring my husband back to health. All you need is a desire to beat cancer and as Dr Quillin says Hope, Optimism and a Fighting Spirit!”

“Invaluable Lifesaving Information.” Cynthia Haire

“This book is the lifeline for anyone diagnosed with cancer. My father was diagnosed in January 2003 with renal cell carcinoma, metastatic. The doctors gave him less than 6 months to live. He had stage 4 cancer. We tried a variety of the things mentioned in the book, including essiac tea, vitamins, and a nutritional diet. It had spread to his liver, spleen, and lung. Since reading and following the wonderful examples and advice in this book, my father is now working and living a productive life. The doctor was amazed and said not to change a thing that he was doing. Since he had had heart surgery and was a diabetic, many treatment options were not available. Other than one other product, he only utilized the information in Dr. Quillin’s book. That was enough to stop the cancer growth and give him another chance at life. Thank you Dr. Quillin for this wonderful book and the invaluable lifesaving information within.”

“This book saved my life.” Beth Daniels

“My husband bought an earlier version of this book almost 7 years ago when I was given 8 weeks to live. The uterine cancer had metasticized to my lungs and bones. I had a large tumor on my pelvic bone which caused excruciating pain when I walked and even at rest. We followed the book exactly and yes, we bought the Immunopower which was very expensive, but you can’t put a price on your life. The only thing I did differently was avoid all meat entirely. I still do not eat meat. My oncologist calls me his “miracle” patient. I’ve been cancer free for 7 years even though my oncologist said I had a very “aggressive” cancer and it definitely would return. Organic veggies, a juicer, Essiac tea, Immunopower and lots of prayer saved my life.”

Author of “Foundations for Healing” Richard L. Becker, D.O.

If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with cancer you may be wondering what you can do to improve your odds. Dr. Quillin’s books “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” is a state of the art effort in outlining a plan that will compliment the doctor’s treatments. The text is clear, concise, and easy to follow. It is the best work I have found for doctor and patient alike. I strongly recommend this book for all who wish to learn more about the nutritional treatment of cancer.

Beating Cancer with Nutrition Book
Scientifically Backed with References & Clinically Proven

There is scientific information showing that fruits, vegetables, food extracts, amino acids, herbs, and other cancer fighting foods, when combined with an optimal cancer fighting diet can improve the effectiveness of medical therapies for cancer.

A comprehensive program for the cancer patient to use in conjunction with his or her doctor’s best medical care.

The information contained in “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” Book is both scientifically backed with references and clinically proven in the hospital with patients.

This information helps cancer patients to improve quality and quantity of life.

Over 500,000 Copies Sold Worldwide

Major Updates with New Research
Over 500,000 Copies Sold

Beating Cancer with Nutrition